• Trophy Texas Whitetail Hunts

    Texas is world renowned for its impressive whitetail deer, and Stone Creek Hunting Ranch is the premiere destination for Texas whitetail huntsFew experiences in hunting are as thrilling as drawing down on a world class, trophy whitetail buck. For many, however, it’s an experience they can only dream about.

    At Stone Creek Hunting Ranch, we make the dream a reality!

    Located in the breathtaking Texas Hill Country, just west of Waco, Stone Creek Hunting Ranch boasts a large, healthy population of whitetail deer for both management and trophy hunting. To provide you with the best possible Texas whitetail hunts, our deer are bred from some of the top breeder bucks in the country to ensure every hunt will be an unforgettable experience for rifle and bow hunters alike. Our experienced hunting guides and friendly, accommodating staff go the extra mile to make sure your stay with us is a memorable one.

    The ranch features numerous box blinds and year-round feeders and feeding plots to give you the best possible opportunity to harvest your trophy whitetail deer. And our guides scout the entire ranch year ‘round to provide the best possible whitetail hunts throughout the year. Your Texas Whitetail Hunts are Complete When you Stay at the Stone Creek Lodge. After a successful day’s hunt, you’ll be treated to gourmet, southwestern cuisine prepared by our uncompromising gourmet chefs.

  • All Of Stone Creek Ranch's Whitetails Feature Genetics From The Top Breeder Bucks In The Country

    Whitetail Deer are the most abundant large game species in North America. Texas Whitetail hunts have become not only a sport but big business. The whitetail population is largest in Texas, where an estimated three to four million of the deer reside. 

    Their characteristic tails are held erect when fleeing to display the white underside; the rest of their body is reddish-brown in summer and grayish-brown in winter. Fawns less than six months of age have bright white spots scattered on their coats. Adult bucks can attain lengths of over six feet and weight up to three hundred pounds; adult does tend to be smaller. Like mule deer, white-tail bucks grow a new set of antlers every year, shedding the old ones after the rut (breeding season) is over. Whitetail antlers are comprised of one main beam per antler; in mature bucks, each beam may have three or more tines sprouting from the beam.

    Whitetail live primarily in wooded and brushy areas, such as the Texas Hill Country. This type of habitat offers good cover, as well as access to a wide variety of food sources, such as: woody plants, shrubs, fruit, and grass.

  • The Lodge at Stone Creek features 5-star amenities.

    While away the evening hours recounting the day’s activities with friends as you bask in the warming glow of a roaring fire in our large rustic stone fireplace, challenge your skills at our card and regulation-size billiards tables, or watch the big game on our big screen television with surround sound.

    Our large, welcoming guestrooms make for the perfect end to a perfect day’s hunt. Each is stylishly furnished and features private baths and showers, and large, luxurious beds that may tempt you to hit the snooze button more than once in the morning.