• Waterbuck Exotic Hunts

    (Common Waterbuck) originates from Africa

    Shaggy, gray to brown antelope with white ring around rump. Ring often incomplete above tail. Longer hair feathers on jowls and often neck. Hair greasy. Musty, lingering odor. Young reddish brown. Males carry heavily ringed horns, set well apart, shaped like a simple crescent. Thick horn bases. Horn length 20"+. Males weight 420-631 lbs. Female 350-437 lbs.

    Food habits: Grass specialists, even eating large amounts of stems. Browse little in spite of great amount of time spent in thick cover. Will increase browsing when grasses decline during drier periods. Eat very few forbs.

    Habitat: Need good grassland for grazing next to thick cover with permanent water nearby. Will inhabit swampy areas if there is adequate grazing. Graze in open during day. Rest in thickets at night. Reverse if much disturbed. Rough county acceptable.

    Water and climate: Drink at least twice daily, often at dawn and late in the afternoon, sometimes at night, also midday in hot weather. Where can, likely to wade into water. Require a quarter more water than domestic cattle. Lose condition fast if temperatures high while water scarce. Swim readily. Often stay in full sun on open grazing grounds during the day. Increase brush use during cold or cloudy weather.

    Rutting males can be very aggressive.

    Breeding season: All year 

    Birth season: Births more likely at wetter times of year.

    Sexual Maturity: Male 18 months; Female 24 months.