• Grant's Zebra Hunting Texas

    Originates from Eastern Africa.

    Medium size zebra with wide black and white stripes. No "shadow stripes" in between. Stripes fan backward over haunches, continue to hoofs, join ventral band along midline of belly, and run into the dark colored nose. Male weight 486-783 lbs; female 386-739 lbs.

    Food Habits: Grazer. Eat wide variety of grasses, including coarse species unsuitable for antelopes. Concentrate on short to mid-length grasses during growing season until tall grasses form seed heads, then eat these as well as their coarse stalks. Browse little if grazing reasonable.

    Habitat: Grassland. Open expanses or grass areas with light tree or brush cover.

    Water and climate: Need surface water. Drink from rain pools during wet sessions or visit drinking sites both morning and evening when water more restricted. For exotics, unheated shelters may help. Usually manage but still not entirely winter-hardy in prolonged cold.

    Bold and rough with one another.

    Breeding season: Spring to late summer, sometimes into fall.

    Birth season: Births all year. 

    Sexual Maturity: Male 18 months; female 15-24 months.