• Exotic Hunts in Texas

    Stone Creek Hunting Ranch is quickly becoming known as the place for Texas exotic hunting!

    Located on 500 rolling, wooded acres on the northwestern edge of the beautiful Texas Hill Country, Stone Creek Hunting Ranch provides the ideal habitat and hunting terrain for a wide variety of exotics. Over the years, our team of land management and big game experts has developed a sustainable environment that supports herds of exotics including trophy class specimens and management animals from a variety of species. Check out the various animals you will find at Stone Creek Hunting Ranch: 

    • Aoudad
    • Axis Deer
    • Blackbuck Antelope
    • Black Hawaiian Ram
    • Bongo
    • Buffalo
    • Catalina Goat
    • Corsican Ram
    • Elk
    • Fallow Deer
    • Gemsbok
    • Grant’s Zebra
    • 4 Horned Sheep
    • Ibex Cross
    • Mouflon Sheep
    • New Zealand Red Stag
    • Painted Desert Ram
    • Sable
    • Texas Dall
    • Waterbuck
    • Wildebeest

    Abundant water and natural vegetation, combined with year round supplemental feeding and herd control protocols ensure that our exotics are healthy animals of exceptional size and quality.

    Having such a broad diversity of exotics allows us to offer individual, family, and corporate group Texas exotic hunting throughout the year. For non-exotic hunters, we offer trophy class Whitetail Deer hunts from late September through late February.

    Our experienced hunting guides cater to your particular skill and experience level, and weapon preference including rifle, bow, crossbow, black powder and pistol. Guests can also choose from a variety of hunting techniques, including hunting from elevated blinds, safari style hunts from all-terrain vehicles, and spot and stalk exotic hunts.

    We Take Texas Exotic Hunting to a New Level

    We genuinely love what we do, and it shows. Our guides and lodge staff take Texas hospitality to a whole new level to ensure your complete satisfaction.

    The Lodge at Stone Creek offers ample space and 5-star amenities for any size group. And our gourmet chefs ensure that you never go hungry. Our spacious, well maintained guestrooms feature southwestern décor, and private baths and showers to ensure your complete privacy and comfort.

    For more information on Texas exotic hunting, give us a call at 254-722-0062, or click here to contact us online.