• Exotic Fallow Deer Texas

    For unforgettable Fallow deer hunts in Texas, Stone Creek Hunting Ranch has it all!

    Fallow deer, also known as Dama dama, are native to western Eurasia and there is evidence that species was first introduced in North America by George Washington. The species has adapted well to a number of areas in the U.S. and have flourished in the Texas Hill Country.

    Fallow deer are highly prized for their palmate antlers which can grow to as much as 39 inches in length, and their rich coats, which range in color from white, chocolate and yellow, to chestnut. Chestnut Fallow deer feature white spots in the summer months that turn darker in the winter.

    Mature trophy Fallow bucks can weigh up to 300 pounds and stand just under three feet at the shoulder.

    Fallow deer ruts take place in October, and does can be hunted year round in Texas. Fallow deer bucks are typically harvested between September and March after their antlers have hardened.

    Stone Creek Hunting Ranch’s location in the sweeping Texas Hill Country west of Waco provides the perfect habitat for these highly communal, grazing animals. We offer Fallow deer hunts in Texas packages designed to meet the unique needs and hunting styles of individuals and corporate groups.

    After a successful day’s hunt, relax and recount the day’s events over a gourmet meal, and enjoy the world class quality amenities of The Lodge at Stone Creek. Our friendly, accommodating staff takes Texas hospitality to a whole new level, and our clean, spacious guestrooms rival those found at many 5-star resorts.

    In addition to Fallow deer, Stone Creek Hunting Ranch is one of Texas’ premiere big game hunting destinations for whitetail deer, antelope blackbuck antelope, buffalo, aoudad, axis deer, elk, New Zealand red stag, and other exotic hunting.