• Exotic Buffalo Hunting inTexas

    For big game hunters, there's nothing quite like buffalo hunts in Texas, and there’s no better place to book your hunt than Stone Creek Hunting Ranch.

    Located on the northern edge of the sweeping Texas Hill Country, Stone Creek Hunting Ranch provides the ideal habitat for the legendary North American Buffalo.

    The story of how the buffalo was nearly hunted to extinction in the late 19th century is well known. In fact, by 1898 the American buffalo population had been reduced to less than 500 animals.

    Thanks to government regulations and the efforts of farmers, ranchers, hunters and others there are currently over 350,000 buffalo in Canada and the U.S.

    Trophy class bull buffalo can tip the scales at nearly 2,000 lbs. and, unlike most other big game hunted in Texas, they can be a safety risk to inexperienced hunters. 

    Our buffalo hunts are typically safari-style hunts that provide a safe distance between hunter and prey, and our seasoned hunting guides take every precaution to ensure that your buffalo hunt is as safe and successful as possible. 

    Texas does not impose seasonal restrictions on buffalo, so hunts can be conducted year 'round. This is especially helpful for families with school-aged children.

    We'll take care of field dressing and caping of your animal, so all you have to do is pose for pictures with your new trophy class buffalo. Then it's back to the comforts of the lodge.

    The Lodge at Stone Creek combines Southwestern style with high tech conveniences to ensure your every want and need is met.

    Our friendly, accommodating staff takes Texas hospitality to a whole new level, and our gourmet chefs are renowned for their delicious full-course meals that rival the best 5-star restaurants. After a relaxing meal and leisure time with family or friends, our clean, spacious guest rooms provide a perfect end to the day.

    In addition to buffalo, Stone Creek Hunting Ranch also offers antelopeaoudadfallow deeraxis deerelk, andNew Zealand red stag and native whitetail deer hunts for every age and skill level.

    For more information on individual and corporate buffalo hunts in Texas, call us at 214-378-8200, or click here to contact us online.