• Blackbuck Antelope Deer Hunts

    When it comes to trophy class antelope hunts in Texas, nobody does it better than Stone Creek Hunting Ranch.

    The Blackbuck antelope is native to the Indian Subcontinent and has flourished in Texas since being introduced in the state in the early 1930s.

    Blackbuck antelope typically live in herds of 5 to 50 animals and are known for their jumping ability and speed which can approach 50 miles per hour in open terrain. These athletic attributes, combined with their corkscrewing horns which can grow to nearly 80 inches in length, have made the Blackbuck antelope a favorite with big game hunters.

    Situated on 500 acres in the beautiful, rolling Texas Hill Country just west of Waco, Stone Creek Hunting Ranch provides the ideal habitat for the graceful Blackbuck antelope.

    Our large, healthy, genetically superior herds provide hunters with ample opportunities to harvest a trophy Blackbuck antelope. And because Texas does not impose seasonal restrictions on the Blackbuck, antelope hunts in Texas can be year 'round.

    Whether hunting with a rifle, black powder weapon or bow, our experienced hunting guides customize your antelope hunt to match your specific experience and hunting technique to ensure the greatest possible shot opportunity percentage.

    After a successful day in the field, there’s nothing better than spending a leisurely evening enjoying the 5-star-quality amenities of The Lodge at Stone Creek. Recount the day’s hunt with friends around a crackling fire, and cap the day off with a delicious, full-course gourmet meal before retiring to your clean, comfortable guestroom. When it comes to antelope hunts in Texas, it just doesn’t get any better than this.

    In addition to world class Blackbuck antelope, Stone Creek Hunting Ranch also offers hunters the opportunity to harvest native Whitetail deer, and 18 other species of exotics including fallow deer, buffalo, elk and New Zealand red stag.

    Contact: Tom Leiser - 214-378-8200 to learn more about Blackbuck antelope hunts in Texas