• Trophy Texas Whitetail Hunts

    Aoudad hunting Texas is one of the most thrilling and rewarding experiences for hunters of all ages and skill levels.

    Aoudad sheep, also known as Barbary sheep, are native to North Africa and have adapted well since being introduced in Texas in 1954. So well in fact, that the Lone Star state currently has the largest population of free ranging Aoudad on the planet.

    Mature rams can weigh up to 300 lbs. with horns up to 34 inches in length. Aoudad have exceptional eyesight and a heightened sense of smell that makes them one of the most challenging big game animals in North America.

  • Stone Creek Hunting Ranch is the place for Outstanding Aoudad Hunting Texas

    Located in the beautiful Texas Hill Country just west of Waco, Stone Creek Hunting Ranch offers the ultimate in Aoudad hunting experience and attracts hunters from around the globe. Our Aoudad hunts combine safari style (from a vehicle) with spot and stalk hunting techniques to ensure the best possible shot opportunity percentage.

    Aoudad hunting in Texas can be done year round: however, the fall and winter months offer the best opportunity to harvest a trophy-class specimen. In addition to world class Aoudad, Stone Creek Hunting Ranch also offers native Whitetail deer, and 18 other species of exotics including antelopefallow deerbuffaloelk and New Zealand red stag.

    Stone Creek Hunting Ranch also offers 5-star caliber amenities not found at most other Texas hunting ranches. Our friendly staff caters to our guests' every need, including gourmet meals prepared by our world class chefs.

    The Lodge at Stone Creek combines Old West charm with high tech amenities, and our large, clean guestrooms feature private baths and showers and southwestern décor.

    We offer Aoudad hunting Texas packages specifically designed to meet the needs of individuals, families and corporate guests looking to make memories that will last a lifetime.

    To learn more about Aoudad hunting in Texas, call us at 214-378-8200.