• 4 Horned Exotic Sheep Hunting Texas

    Also known as Jacob sheep, originates from Syria.

    One of the types of sheep that typically carry two pairs of horns in the male. Wool 3-7". Body white randomly spotted with black to brown patches. Preferably white face flanked by large eye patches and a dark muzzle. Medium grade fleece has little oil. Fine boned. Less body fat than modern breeds. Male horns longer, thicker, and often better defined. Male weight 120-180 lbs; female 80-120 lbs. 

    Food Habits:
     Live mainly on grass and forbs. Hardy even on rough pasture. Require less supplemental feed when pasture poor than modern breeds.

    Habitat: Prefer flat, open country or low hills where they can travel in tight flocks.

    Water and climate: Drink freely. Need water easily accessible. Shearing all except the young of the year helps the sheep deal with summer heat. Fleece may be of variable quality and have market value.

    Breeding season: Breed all year unless remove males. Add males in fall for spring births.

    Birth season: Putting males with flock in mid-October gives March births for best survival. Then can shear late April or into May.

    Sexual Maturity: Male as young as 6 months; females 1 yr.